Plan It Consulting - “Our mission is to provide individualized service that enables people to stay in their community.”

Serving Camrose and Wetaskiwin AB.

"Our vision is people, their support systems, and the community working together."

  • All services are based upon friendship and companionship
  • We will match you with companions that you are comfortable with
  • We can provide support when family and friends are unable to

  • Household management
  • Personal management
  • Monitoring care

  • Shopping
  • Accessing community events
  • Attending church
  • Day trips/holidays
  • Medical appointments
  • Transportation
  • Recreation/Leisure

  • Giving family/friends a break from caring for their loved ones

We provide support in times of life challenges, change or crisis.
We will be flexible and creative to meet your needs.

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Quotes about Plan It Consulting Services

“My companion makes my day.”

“This is a wonderful, flexible service.”

“It makes me feel alive to go on outings with my companion.”

“The matching process has made this an outstanding service.”

“I am so grateful that this service exists, it allows me to stay in my home longer.”

“Good friends stick together.”

“What a blessing this service is to us all.”

“You made a difference in my life.”

“You brighten my day.”

“Your visits and kindness were very meaningful.”